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In the Land of the 1000 Lakes

Keep your arms and legs inside the cart at all times, kthx

19 March 1988
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Hey, female anime/manga geek from Finland here. You can call me Beldarius, Beldi/Beldy, Bel, Raiden, Rai, Rai-Rai, Elisa, etc. ...I know, I know, that last one "is not like the rest". It's my real name.

Favorite anime/manga
Saint Seiya, since 2006 or so. My other favorite series include Super Robot Wars OG, Future GPX Cyber Formula, Initial D, Ace of Diamond, Haikyuu, One Piece, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin/Densetsu Weed, etc. I'll make a full list as an LJ post one day.

Favorite author
I've loved David Eddings's books since 2000 (I was 12 at the time). Ever since then, I've steadily been collecting his fantasy books; now I own all 24 of them in both Finnish and English, and some volumes also in Swedish (my eventual goal is to own all Swedish volumes, too). Other fantasy authors I like include Anu Holopainen (who's Finnish), Susan Cooper, Lloyd Alexander, Raymond E. Feist and a few others. I can actually read pretty much anything (I've got a degree in library services for a reason), and enjoy both fact and fiction a lot. Currently obsessed with Mesopotamian history and ancient warfare.

Favorite animal
Quite unoriginal, but wolves. I've also started to like deer recently. ...Some certain mythical creatures are also pretty fun, like the Peryton (carnivorous winged deer with a human shadow, said to hail from Atlantis).

Favorite music genre
The image songs of different anime characters, sung by my favorite Japanese voice actors. XD Oh, and Celtic music and eurobeat. I've also been obsessed with the bgm in Super Robot Wars OG recently.

Favorite voice actors (Japanese)
Too many to list... can't even remember all of them, though my top favorite is Takeshi Kusao. With Satoshi Hino, Tomokazu Seki, Toshihiko Seki, Nobutoshi Canna, Daisuke Hirakawa, Akira Ishida, Kenji Hamada, Sho Hayami and Ai Orikasa close behind.

Favorite voice actors (English)
Several Canadians, including Brian Drummond, the Dobson brothers, Richard Newman, etc. They were the first English voice actors I ever heard, thanks to being a Transformers fangirl back in the day.
As for Americans, I've had a soft spot for Michael McConnohie for years; me being a Transformers fangirl and all (I'm STILL surprised that Tracks and Cosmos are also the Lich King and Van Grants). After my Transformers phase, I eventually learned about the newer voice actors... my favorites among them include nearly everybody in Funimation (especially John Gremillion, Matthew Mercer and Kent Williams), Liam O'Brien, Kirk Thornton, Yuri Lowenthal, Benjamin Diskin, Max Mittelman, Erin Fitzgerald, Cindy Robinson, etc.

PS. ...So obsessed with the Super Robot Wars franchise. I originally became a fangirl in 2013 through the music - actually ended up buying the soundtracks to the PS series games (OG and 2nd OG), along with JAM Project's "Max the Power" album. ...It was in 2016 that I caved for good; Banpresto finally released their PS games in English and I ended buying both of them. Well, pre-ordering to be exact. I'm now the proud owner of:

Soundtrack - Super Robot Wars OG (PS2)
Soundtrack - 2nd Super Robot Wars OG (PS3)
Album - Max the Power (JAM Project)
Manga - Super Robot Wars OG: Record of ATX (all volumes until now, i.e. 1-13)
Game - Super Robot Wars A Portable (PSP) (Japanese; the only reason I bought this was "Ahoseru / Silly Axel")
Game - Super Robot Wars OG: Moon Dwellers (PS4) (English)
Game - Super Robot Wars V (PS4) (English, unreleased atm)
Game - Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier (DS) (English)
Game - Project X Zone (3DS) (English; Sänger, Haken and Kaguya from the SRW franchise are playable characters)