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Super Robot Wars OG - if it was ever dubbed in English?

I love making fanmade English casts for non-animated and/or Japanese-only franchises. It's just something I've been doing for years. XD

So I found the SRW franchise in 2013 thanks to amazing background music. Eventually I discovered the impressive cast list and saw attack compilations on Youtube, researched more, read the manga, saw stuff from the anime, and boom. Now I'm an obsessed fangirl. ...However, I've never really thought about a possible English cast until now (I've become slightly better versed in English voice actors over the years, which probably helps)... so without further ado, here are some of my picks/wants/predictions/whatever the hell you wanna call it.

Note: I may end up including both Funi voice actors and non-Funi ones. Might even throw in some Canadians for good measure. After all, this is a "fanmade cast".
Unfinished at the moment. I will update this as I go along. I'll also swap around some pilot positions since, among others, I can't remember which category Soulsaber falls under.


ATX team
Sänger Zonvolt - Travis Willingham. One of the few people who I can picture with the deep, no-nonsense baritone Sänger needs.
Kyosuke Nanbu - Matthew Mercer. He's pretty good at doing the emotionless "tranquil fury" type. ...Plus I swear his voice is strong enough to match Toshiyuki Morikawa.
Excellen Browning - Cindy Robinson. She has the perfect range to play all "versions" of Excellen (the actual ditzy Excellen, the emotionless moe Alfimi and the femme fatale Lemon).
Brooklyn Luckfield
Kusuha Mizuha
Lamia Loveless - Erin Fitzgerald
Ariel Org

SRX team
Ryusei Date - Kaiji Tang. Had to do this... Ryusei's a mecha otaku and basically kind of an Owain/Odin. XD Plus the whole thing about coming up with insane nicknames for his attacks, like "Heaven and Earth One-Hit Surekill Cannon!" (actually called Hi-Tronium Buster Cannon).
Raidiese F. Branstein - Ray Chase. I listened to Ray playing Fernand in Fire Emblem Echoes, and realized his voice and skills would do justice to Rai's personality and emotional baggage. Especially in scenes where he has to face Archibald.
Aya Kobayashi
Mai Kobayashi - Karen Strassman
Ingram Prisken - Ian Sinclair. After listening to both Sousuke Yamazaki and Berkut, I noticed his voice is deep enough to match Ingram; not to mention the cold attitude in both of those characters would suit him so well.
Viletta Vadim

Octo team
Katina Trask
Russel Bergman
Tasuku Shinguji - Chris Cason. Forsyth from Fire Emblem Echoes would suit Tasuku.
Leona Garstein

Other pilots (male, Super Robot)
Irmgard Kazahara - Liam O'Brien. Because Irm is amazingly competent and badass (he pilots a Super Robot for a reason), yet still makes light-hearted cracks during battle and hits on girls left and right. He just seems like the type of character Liam would be the best at playing. (Not to mention his cracks are just that great. Like when he attacks an enemy, he might say "Look at the sky! Look at the stars! ...Just kidding.")
Masaki Andoh - Todd Haberkorn. I can kinda just picture him going "SHU, YOU BASTARD." every time Shu Shirakawa shows up. XD Obliviously complimenting girls, yelling attack names like "Akashic Nova!" and all that jazz.
Huang Yang Long
Touma Kanou
Kouta Azuma - Yuri Lowenthal
Warrior Roar
Ing Egret
Rishu Tougou
Joshua Radcliffe - Tony Oliver
Akimi Akatsuki - Johnny Yong Bosch
Sieg Altreet
Touya Shiun - Xander Mobus
Hugo Medio - Michael Sinterniklaas
Raul Gureden

Other pilots (female, Super Robot)
Tytti Norrback
Mio Sasuga
Ryune Zoldark
Shouko Azuma
Cliana Rimskaya
Amara Barton
Akemi Akatsuki
Sally Emil
Calvina Coulange
Aqua Centrum
Fiona Gureden

Other pilots (male, Real Robot)
Gilliam Yeager - John Gremillion. idk, there's just something about his voice that fits Gilliam.
Kai Kitamura - Michael McConnohie
Arado Balanga - Steve Staley
Ryouto Hikawa - Bryce Papenbrook
Yuuki Jegnan - Greg Chun
Michiru Hanaten
Duvan Org
Giado Venerdi
Haken Browning - Robbie Daymond. ...He'd probably enjoy playing the stupid lech. XD The mere idea of a Project X Zone dub where Haken starts calling Sänger "Mr. Samurai" and says lines like "Yep, sorry we had to cut you down. Adios!"... and I just realized he uses guns like Prompto. (I swear that's not why I did this. XD)

Other pilots (female, Real Robot)
Latooni Subbota
Shine Hausen
Radha Bairaban
Seolla Schweizer
Rio Mei Long
Ricarla Borgnine - Veronica Taylor. ...Carla's original voice actress was Rica Matsumoto. XD One of her attacks even has a Pokémon reference with "Getto daze!".
Yong Gebana
Garnet Sunday
Aschen Broedel
Ibis Douglas
Sleigh Presty

Hagane's crew
Daitetsu Minase - R. Bruce Elliott
Tetsuya Onodera - Grant George
Gint Kitaumi
Eita Nadaka
Azuki Sawa

Kurogane's crew
Elzam V. Branstein - Robert McCollum
Kurt Bittner

Hiryu Kai's crew
Lefina Enfield
Sean Webley
Eun Hyojin

Scientists (good)
Jonathan Kazahara - Liam O'Brien. Because even in the original, Jonathan and his son Irm had the same voice.
Marion Radom
Kirk Hamill
Filio Presty
Tsugumi Takakura
Ring Mao

E-Selda Shun
Katia Grignarl
Festenia Muse
Melua Melna Meia
Shana-Mia Eterna Fura



Divine Crusaders
Bian Zoldark
Tenzan Nakajima
Tempest Hawker - D.C. Douglas. Listening to Gunter in Fire Emblem Fates, I have a feeling he'd be an excellent Tempest (though maybe with a slightly younger voice, considering Tempest is 39). The characters even have similar backgrounds, with deceased families and a "vengeance is mine" shtick. Though Tempest loses his mind toward the end thanks to his robot systematically frying his brain (makes for an epic death, too - goes under while screaming "Give me my family's red blood back!").
Van Vat Tran
Archibald Grims - Doug Erholtz. ...Given his tendency to play narmy, creepy villains... yeah, I had to do this. XD
Ouka Nagisa
Egret Fehu - Terrence Stone
Egret Uruz, Thurisuz and Ansuz - Max Mittelman

United Colony Corps
Maier V. Branstein
Lily Junkers
Julia Heinkel

Shadow Mirror
Vindel Mauser - Kyle Hebert
Lemon Browning - Cindy Robinson
Axel Almer - Orion Acaba. I was thinking of Gerome from Fire Emblem Awakening when I cast him... Axel doesn't sound gravelly all the time, but there are moments where one or two words do (like his "Soko ka!" i.e. "There!").
Wodan Ymir - Travis Willingham (Wodan is Sänger from a parallel world... that's right, the only rival worthy of Sänger is himself)
Echidna Iisaki

Einst Regisseur
Einst Alfimi - Cindy Robinson

Aerogaters (true name: Balmarians)
Atad Shamran - Tara Platt. It seems she played Gelda Nebilim in Tales of the Abyss, and the moment I heard her voice, I pictured Atad...
Euzeth Gozzo - Jamieson Price. "That was me as well."
Calico McCready - Joe J. Thomas
Spectra McCready
Ayin Balshem

Inspectors (i.e. Zuvorg)
Wendolo Bolverde
Mekibos Bolverde - Max Mittelman. ...In the original, the Egret trio and Mekibos had the same voice, soooo...

Garden of Baral
Jun Kanan
Sandayuu Taihou
Son Ganlong - Christopher Corey Smith. He's really good at playing flamboyant villains, and that's what Ganlong is... complete with an epic laugh (I just love this laugh, OK? Of course he'd laugh if he just shot down one of the heroes while piloting an 8000-kilometer long dragon robot. That's longer than Russia, for the sake of all holy!

Melior Esse

Regianne Josephine
Vought Nicholaus
Hellruga Izberga

Al-Van Ranks - David Stanbra
Fu-Lu Mu-Lu - Stephanie Young
Jua-Mu Dalby - Benjamin Diskin
Gu-Landon Gorts

Scientists (evil)
Aguila Setme
Adler Koch
Cuervo Cero

Note: Cero isn't actually evil. He simply works with Setme out of necessity, and hates what they're doing.



Shu Shirakawa - Kirk Thornton. He's already dubbed another troll played by Takehito Koyasu (Jade Curtiss), and I really preferred Kirk's version. XD I'd give anything to hear what he could do with Shu. "Disappear, within this event horizon... Black Hole Cluster, fire!"
Lee Linjun - Spike Spencer
Mitsuko Isurugi

PS. I had to put Shu under his own category since he's, well, Shu. You can never tell whose side he's on, until the latest two games. ...Lee joined him since he proved himself just as fickle in 2nd OG. Granted, Shu changes sides more often than he does (it's his trademark by now). Mitsuko goes under this category since I don't know what to think of her.
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