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Super Robot Wars OG timeline

This is an English translation of this timeline on the Japanese SRW wiki. Translated by Beldarius.

Note: I'll update this when I see new updates on the original article.

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I love making fanmade English casts for non-animated and/or Japanese-only franchises. It's just something I've been doing for years. XD

So I found the SRW franchise in 2013 thanks to the amazing background music. Eventually I found out the impressive cast list and saw the attack compilations on Youtube, researched more, read the manga, saw stuff from the anime, and boom. Now I'm an obsessed fangirl. ...However, I've never really thought about a possible English cast until now (I've become slightly better versed in English voice actors over the years, which probably helps)... so without further ado, here are some of my picks/wants/predictions/whatever the hell you wanna call it.

Note: I may end up including both Funi voice actors and non-Funi ones. Might even throw in some Canadians for good measure. After all, this is a "fanmade cast".
Unfinished at the moment. I will update this as I go along. I'll also swap around some pilot positions since, among others, I can't remember which category Soulsaber falls under.

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Your favorite team and/or character - Day 1
Hm. My favorite character would be Masaharu Niou. I just find his tricky nature incredibly charming, not to mention he's a very good sport about losing - instead of being a sore loser when he lost to Fuji, he only smiled and told him he'd love to have a match again one day. And even though he's somewhat rebellious and what not, you can still get the "responsible senpai" aura from him. I doubt he'd be the type to abandon someone in need of help (unless you count Kirihara in the flashback OVAs).

Your least favorite team and/or character - Day 2
Tomoka pisses me off like whoa. Sakuno is pretty adorable, but Tomoka?! Every time she goes "Ryoma-sama this, Ryoma-sama that" and then bitches at Shiba for wanting to talk to him... I just want to slap her upside the head and tell her to STFU.

A team and/or character everyone else loves and you don't understand why - Day 3
Ryoma. The kid only manages to annoy me most of the time (I'll take his brother Ryoga over him any day). Actually, I guess you could include most of the popular characters in this list. >.> I don't really get the hype about Yukimura, Fuji, Atobe and a few others. Don't get me wrong, I do like them... it's just that they're really not quite THAT special in my opinion.

A team and/or character that deserved more screen time - Day 4
*raises hand* Masashi Arai? I found him really interesting for a minor character. I really hope to see him in New Prince of Tennis, though I doubt that will happen. ._.

A character that you thought had an interesting 40.5 profile - Day 5
Kouichi Aragaki, the longer-haired one of the unknown Higa doubles pair. I found it really adorable how he's HOUSEWIFE MATERIAL off the court. XD I mean, a boy who likes making cookies, taking care of rabbits and excels at social studies? And wants a girlfriend who he will want to protect? <3

Your favorite character that isn't a middle school tennis player - Day 6
Yamato-buchou, new version! I love his hair! And his voice! And his eyes! At least he doesn't have those weird glasses anymore. I don't even mind his stubble.

Your favorite pairing - Day 7
Ryoma/Sakuno. It's so cute~

Your least favorite pairing - Day 8
Pretty much any yaoi pairing in this series. >.> I just don't like to pair these guys together, they're MIDDLE SCHOOLERS. D:

Your favorite tennis match or story arc - Day 9
Hm... let's see... I think my favorite tennis match would have to be Niou vs. Fuji, simply because we got to see Niou's illusion skills in such detail.

Your favorite song from TeniMyu - Day 10
I like quite a few... "The Regulars" (original version with Tuti and co.), "Katsu no wa Hyoutei" (Takumi and Rui-Rui), "Season" (3rd cast version)...
Buuut I think my top favorites would be "Erabareshi Elite Shuudan" simply because of the very elegant and somewhat creepy music (and KENN. KENN beats all), "Ore wa Ore no Namae de Yobaretai" (it's KENN, what did you expect) and "Ore ni Sashizu Suruna" (freakin' creepy and fits Akutsu like a glove). Oh, and "Petenshi daa? Nanto demo ie" (good lord, the pimp outfits from the Dream Live...).

A character you wouldn't mind dating - Day 11
Niou. I adore his personality. ...If I couldn't get him, then I'd go for Tachibana (I like the aloof type quite a bit - my favorite Bleach character kind of epitomizes that... Ryuuken Ishida. Yep.). I also kind of like slimmed-up Tanishi. ...I'm serious here. He's actually handsome when he lost weight in New Prince of Tennis. ._.

The team and/or character you can relate to the most - Day 12
The team I'd fit into would probably be either Hyoutei or Shitenhouji - I'm sort of smart, but I lack the drive that Fudomine and Seigaku have, and I'm not strict and hard-working like the people in Rikkai. ...Maybe I'd be more Shitenhouji? I've got a crazy sense of humor, too... (I've been told by a few friends that my personality resembles Yanagi's - a calm person with an information overload who prefers to sit back and enjoy the show.)

The team that should have beaten Seigaku - Day 13
Rikkai, in the Nationals. I wanted Yukimura to beat Ryoma, so that Brat Boy could have learned some humility.

The team you would join if you were a prepubescent Japanese male tennis player - Day 14
If I got to CHOOSE which team to be in, I'd choose Rikkai in a heartbeat. Niou and Sanada - my top two favorite characters - are in it. (Though in truth, I'd actually want to be a high school player in New Prince of Tennis. Dude, Yamato-buchou and Ryoga? And Tokugawa and Tanegashima and akjdhfkdsgh)

Your favorite team coach - Day 15
As for ALL coaches, my top favorites would be Saitou and Kurobe from the U-17 camp. Of the middle school coaches, my favorite is probably Watanabe. He looks like Kisuke Urahara from Bleach, rofl. XD

Axis Power Hetalia... ZOMG

...Shiraoi, you really corrupted me! XD Damn it, I love that manga. In case someone doesn't know what it's about, it's basically about World War II and other historical events with the countries in human form. Yes, you read right: HUMAN. And Sweden and Finland are married... GUYS.

...My top four favorites are Russia, Sweden, Greece and Austria. My other favorites are England, America, Lithuania, Latvia and Spain (...one of his lines was "Nice bananas!". XD Yes, I know, totally random...). And, well, you just gotta love Prussia: he's totally batshit.

It's kind of weird how Russia and Sweden are among my top favorites, as we Finns are stereotypically supposed to hate both countries. XD ...Maybe because of the fact that they both have ruled over us and Russia even tried to invade us during World War II (HOLY CRAP, PLOTBUNNY! A MONTY PYTHON ONE. *hides*).

I don't really like Russia myself IRL, but as a Hetalia character I ADORE him. He's so cute and seems a bit shy and kind... but then again he has that childlike cruelty of his which is one part of him that I love. <3
...Look at my icon. That's Russia. (HE IS SO CUTE. <3)
And then there's Sweden. Seriously, he talks like a grunt and he's so hot for a guy that's gay. XD (...He's gay if he's married to a guy.) I love Berwald (Sweden's "human name") so much. <3
And well, Greece and Austria have the best designs in the whole Hetalia (so far). Greece is awesome, he plays with cats, has his uniform jacket slung over his shoulders all the time, and was in a recent manga strip excavating something his mother (previous Greece) had left for him. ...He apparently ended up pushing France's buttons in that strip. XDXDXD
Austria. is. pure. win. He didn't want to go to war without his orchestra! XD And when Prussia invaded Austria - the country - in "Maria Theresa and the War of Austrian Succession", the first thing Austria - human form - said was "PRUSSIA HAS OCCUPIED MY VITAL REGIONS!". XDDDDDDDDDD You can take THAT sentence in so many ways when you remember the countries are human in Hetalia.


What's the most drastic change you've ever made to your appearance?
I grew my hair long about two years ago. Even though I'm female, I had, until I was 17, hair short enough to be mistaken for a guy from a distance. I also dyed my hair red with white stripes (my godfather is a hairdresser and does that stuff for me... for free)... but the red color dulled quite fast and the white turned gold in my originally walnut brown hair (now the gold has turned silvery... funny, huh?). Anyway, it still looks nice. The red parts shine when exposed to a certain lighting.
Long hair can be both positive and negative. I like to have this long hair (it would be ideal for cosplaying, since I wouldn't have to buy a wig to play a long-haired character. xP Unfortunately I'm too lazy to do anything about the costumes and haven't thus cosplayed... yet.)... but I hate the fact that when I try to eat, the hair is suddenly marinated in my food... and it always gets in the way when I try to read something or sleep. And do I even need to mention the trouble of combing it? >____< It seriously hurts sometimes to get rid of the tangles.